How Is It Done is the most technologically advanced dry cleaning service available to consumers today. By replacing the traditional dry cleaning store with a simple but secure box that can be accessed 24/7/365 (we might be the only company that still thinks inside the box), and utilizing the most sophisticated network of high speed computers (also known as the Internet), we are able to offer our clients a very convenient, private, and customized service.

First sign up online

Log into and sign up for a free account. You will be assigned a random Client ID# and password to log into your personal account. You will be able to choose how you would prefer your items to be handled as well as the type of email notifications that you would like to receive.

Then follow steps 1-4.

1. Lock dirty items:

Cc_001b All items needed to be cleaned should be placed and locked inside an available locker located in your building. Take the key which identified the unique locker number with you.
A custom foldable laundry bag will be provided free of charge with the return of your first order. If no lockers are available for more than two days please email us. We will install additional units in your building.

2. Order a pick-up online:

Place a pick up order by logging into your account and providing the locker number you locked your items in. At that time you can also provide any promotional code available to you and any special instructions for your order.

3. Receive e-mails:

Cc_002 Check your email for notifications or look at your account to track the progress of your order. If selected, a real time email will be sent to you confirming the pick up from the locker and a real time email notifying you that your order was received at our cleaning facility and that your credit card was charged.

A non optional real time email will be sent to you as soon as your items have been cleaned and delivered back to the locker (normally within 3-4 days excluding Sundays).

4. Take clean items:

Once your order is back in the locker, unlock the door, take your clean items and leave the key in the lock for other tenants to use.

Next time use an available locker...

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