Q. Are there any special fees to use the revolutionary CleanCierge.com service?
A. No. You just pay for regular service fees and all the work is done for you!

Q. Will I need anything special to use CleanCierge.com?
A. No. You just sign up for a free CleanCierge.com account and log in with your locker # after dropping off your items.

Q. How do I notify you when items are ready for pickup?
A. Ideally you should log into your account and place an order. You can also email or call our customer service department. Please note, your items will be picked anyway on the drivers next visit to the building but it might be delayed by a few days if we were not notified.

Q. How long does it take for the driver to pick up my items?
A. Once you log into your account and order a free pickup, our driver is notified to make the pickup on his next round, normally within several hours! Orders placed before 9am will most likely be picked up the same day.

Q. How long until my items are returned?
A. Your dry cleaned and laundered items will typically be returned within 3-4 days, excluding Sundays. Shoes and leather items might require longer time.

Q. Do you provide same day or next day service?
A. We currently do not provide same day service. Next day service is available and provided for an additional charge. Please note, you must place your order before 9am for next day service.

Q. Is there a mimimum order amount?
A. Yes, there is a minimum charge, currently only $14.95.

Q. How will I know when my items are clean and back in the locker?
A. You will receive an email when your items are delivered back to the locker. You can also elect to receive email notifications when items are picked up and when items are processed at the plant.

Q. How can I request CleanCierge service to my building?
A. Please fill up the request info and service form available on our main page and a business development representative will contact you.

Q. How private is the CleanCierge.com service?
A. For added privacy, CleanCierge.com uses a client ID to process all orders. As a valued CleanCierge.com client, you will be treated with the same professional service that we have been offering for the past 29 years.

Q. How can I get a quote for an item or service not currently listed?
A. As a full service dry cleaning company, we can clean almost anything. Please contact our client services department for a quote.

Q. If I move to a new location serviced by CleanCierge, do I need a new account?
A. No. Once an account is created and a client ID is issued, it can be used anywhere CleanCierge is offered.

Q. Can items left in the locker be mixed with another client's?
A. No. Until you pick up your cleaned items and return the key, only you and CleanCierge have access to that locker.

Q. What should I do if my itmes were taken from the locker before I was able to place an order?
A. Do not worry. Your items were picked up by our driver when he was in the building picking up or delivering items for your neighbors. Please log into your account and place an order for the items.

Q. While trying to place an order I get a "locker already in use" message. What should I do?
A. Please go to "Check Order Status". Most likely your order was already placed by our receiving department under that locker number.

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