CleanCierge.com truly leads the way when it comes to environmental awareness, participation and innovation. The following are a few examples of why CleanCierge.com is possibly the greenest dry cleaner in the country:

Conservation and Recycling:

By operating out of a very large industrial facility that provides services to many customers, we are able to reduce chemical and energy consumption and increase efficiencies and safety!

Electricity used in our cleaning plant is purchased from renewable source energy generators such as hydroelectric, wind or solar power facilities!

We use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in all lighting fixtures in our corporate offices and cleaning plant thus resulting in more than 75% energy conservation!

We offer our clients a variety of recycling programs including hangers and poly bags!

We carefully weigh each cleaning load to assure maximum utilization of our cleaning machines!

All steam lines leading to and from our machines are insulated to reduce temperature and pressure reduction resulting in a 25% reduction of our natural gas consumption!

We use several small boilers, water coolers, steam vacuums and air compressors to allow for selective usage based on production needs!

Innovations and New Technologies:

Our laundry machines were fitted with an additional computer that controls cleaning cycles, water temperature and detergent supply in order to maximize cleaning quality while minimizing energy, water and chemical consumption!

Our dry cleaning machine’s “one size fits all” standard detergent pumps were replaced with a fully controlled pumps that allows us to choose the amount of detergent used based on the type of garments cleaned, resulting in a much better cleaning quality and chemical conservation!

Hot water to our laundry machines is created by tankless water heaters thus no energy is wasted by heating up water in large tanks. When needed, the water temperature that we obtain through this system is higher thus resulting in a much better cleaning quality!

Our internet based garment management and billing systems minimize the use of paper as claim ticket or invoice and allows our clients full access to their cleaning history!

We use only specialty formulated bio degradable cleaning detergents during our laundry process. Provided by MEGS Enviro-Tech Solutions Inc., a southern California company, all of these chemicals arrive in a concentrated form minimizing plastic packaging waste!

Our custom delivery poly bags are specially designed to cover more items per bag and to eliminate the use of garment paper cover resulting in a 50% resource reduction!

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